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When: Friday October 26, 6PM

Where: Angliss Restaurant, 550 Little Londsale St Melbourne.

The venue is the William Angliss Restaurant, which is around the back of the William Angliss institute. Enter from Lt. Lonsdale st, near the corner of Spencer St

  • A one-of a kind event, our pairing dinner sees beers produced by five of Australia's champion homebrewers paired with the culinary delights prepared by the students of the William Angliss Institute. Past brewers have advanced to the ranks of commercial brewer, many actually starting their own breweries. This truly is an opportunity to experience the wares of Australia's great apprentices. Four tasty beers, four magnificent courses, and you!

  • Parking:There is very little parking in the immediate vicinity. The closest street partking is up on King St, or there is paid parking across Spencer St at Southern Cross Station.

Pairing Dinner proudly supported by Speidel

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Meet the Brewers

ANHC 2018 Dinner Photo Dion_edited.jpg

Dion aka Barls took up brewing 2002, started making sours and meads after trying them. Helped run both the state comp and ISB comp for the last couple of years.  One of the few beer judges to be qualified to do mead in the country. Always a sour on tap along with a good selection of other styles as well. Likes to brew the strange and unusual.


Duchess de Northmead- our take on a sour red ale in the Flanders Red tradition with fruitiness and a solid sour finish.

abv 5.5%  ibu 1 ibu 

Flanders Red (brewed with Stuart Upton)

Dion Barlin

ANHC 2018 Dinner Photo Stephen Lawford_e

Stephen “Lawfo” Lawford

Lawfo's a three time ACT brewing champion with a passion for brewing to style and entering competitions to obtain constructive and objective feedback on his beer.

Looking to improve his brewing and to better understand all the beer styles, he became a BJCP certified judge and took on the challenge of brewing every AABC style to a 105+ point level in competition; so far 68 styles have been completed with only 41 more to go.

Lawfo has been Education & Competition Secretary for the Canberra Brewers, with a highlight being the Competition Secretary for the Nationals at ANHC4.

Drew will be presenting on session beers, and co-presenting with Denny, the keynote address on Saturday 


Beer:   Belgian Pale Ale

Description: A smooth malty character of biscuit, light toast and caramel that is complemented by the medium fruit and light pepper yeast character and the low spicy, earthy flavour and bitterness from the hops, that makes this a balanced, easy-drinking Belgian ale. 


ABV:    5.6%; IBU’s:    26; SRM:     11; Yeast:    WLP500; Hops:    East Kent Goldings

Belgian Pale Ale

Stephen “Lawfo” Lawford

ANHC 2018 Dinner Photo Paul Reck.jpg

My name is Paul Reck, 43. Originally from Ireland I’ve lived in Australia for the past 25 years, currently in Willunga, in the southern wine region of Adelaide.  I’ve been brewing for the past 3 years after being inspired by the DIY attitude of Tasmanian whisky distillers.  Last year’s SABSOSA and AABC were my first competition entries.

I like to experiment with a wide variety of ingredients and styles, sours to stouts, hoppy to hefes, and I don’t get too worried about style guides.  I still get excited every time I see those first few CO2 bubbles in the airlock.

I’m married with two young daughters who assist with mashing and beer label design, but leaving the cleaning up all to me.

Strong Manuka Rauchbier.  

A big rich, complex and full bodied lager made with 100% manuka smoked pilsner malt.  The floral, sweet smoke doesn't overwhelm the beer but complements the malt backbone.

ABV: 8%; IBU: 30

Strong Manuka Rauchbier.

Paul Reck

ANHC 2018 Dinner Photo Braden Jackman.jp

Brewing for approximately a decade, a member of The Melbourne Brewers and BJCP certified for just as long.  I've had a long standing fascination with all things fermented and home brewing has certainly has a stranglehold on me. I'm not shy of spending a weekend in the kitchen, mapping out a holiday road trip around a brewery crawl and dinner reservations based on the beer and food pairing available or close by. Excessive hop use has always been a mainstay in my brewery however wild beers and cataloguing of sour fermenters and bottles is slowly taking over.


A classic Munich Dunkel, a grist comprising of traditional German Munich and a touch of roasted malt for colour adjustment and heightened toastiness. German Magum hops used for bittering along with a late kettle addition of Hallertau Tradition for low floral/peppery hop aroma.  Fermented cold with the classic Weihenstephan 34/70 lager strain.  1.048OG, 1.010FG, 26IBU, 5%ABV

Munich Dunkel

Braden Jackman

ANHC 2018 Dinner Photo Stuart Upton.jpg

Stuart has been brewing in Sydney since 2005, sour beer since not long after, run the NSW state competition six times and run seven beer (and one mead) exam courses. A hoppy beer and a sour beer are always on tap at his house. Barrel beers have been fun.

Flanders Red (brewed with Dion Barlin)

Stuart Upton