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Australian National Homebrewing Conference


William Angliss, Melbourne

October 25-27, 2018

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ANHC 2018


Taste some amazing beers and learn the art of brewing them!


Hear from some of the best brewers in the world share their brewing secrets.


Be surrounded by people  keen to share their brewing experiences with you!


Three important events!:

* Welcome function

* Beer Food Pairing Dinner

* Club night

Australian Amateur Brewing Championships Judging

October 25 Morning

Get Ya Tram on: Route 86 Brewery Tour

October 25


Bintani AABC Awards (6pm) and Welcome Party (8pm)

at Forresters, Smith St Collingwood

October 25


Presentation Sessions (see details)

October 26


Speidel ANHC Pairing Dinner, William Angliss Restaurant,

550 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne 6PM start.

October 26


Presentation Sessions

October 27


Cryer Malt ANHC Clubnight

October 27



After starting out as a homebrewer in 2002 and working at Grain and Grape, Sam Slaney has spent nine years in the beverage industry, working with whisky at New World Whisky Distillery and beer at Thunder Road Brewing Company. He has a strong interest in team development, quality and deliciousness, and enjoys supporting these areas to make excellent whisky. Around the distillery, Sam can usually be found sniffing barrels in the bond store or tamping shots at the espresso machine.

See his distilling demo, taste the wash (beer) used to make whisky and see how the distillation process uses fractions to improve spirit character by removing undesirable compounds! The basics of malt whiskey will also be covered, including raw materials, production process, distillation and maturation.

Starward Whisky

SAM SLANEY - Starward Distilling demo and Tasting


Jay has been interested in craft beer since college, when he and Alex homebrewed beer in their apartment. Jay worked at The Bruery in Orange County, CA for four years before leaving to help start The Rare Barrel. By focusing completely on sour beer, Jay can concentrate on learning as much as possible about the reasons why so many unique flavors are produced in sours. Come and learn some sour secrets - a presentation not to be missed!

The Rare Barrel and The Sour Hour podcast.

JAY GOODWIN - Preventing Sour Beer off Flavours


Since 1999, Drew has been crazy about brewing!  "I approach every batch of beer with an idea, a story or a hope to learn something. Sometimes, like when I make a beer like my Guacamole Saison, the hope is to walk a high wire and shock and amuse my friends. Sometimes, it's all about brewing simplicity in order to demonstrate the richness found in even the most basic of ingredients.

Drew will be presenting on session beers, and co-presenting with Denny, the keynote address on Saturday 

Co-Author, Experimental Brewing

DREW BEECHUM - Experimental Brews


"After I moved to Oregon, I had a Henry Weinhard epiphany and I knew my Bud days were over for good. That was about when the craft beer/brewpub revolution began, and I dove right in. I became an IPA addict and when my business partner showed me how to brew beer I realized that I'd found something that combined my loves of cooking and science.

Brewing Philosophy: Make the best beer possible while having the most fun possible while doing the least work possible.

Denny will be presenting his philosophy of recipe design and evaluation and and co-presenting with Drew, the keynote address on Saturday, "The Difficult Art of Simplicity"

Co-Author, Experimental Brewing

DENNY CONN - Experimental Brews


Allison has a wealth of  professional brewing experience with CUB, Matilda Bay and White Rabbit. She is also President of the Pink Boots Society, Australia. Allison will be talking about the fundamentals of fermentation, managing fermentation parameters to match your beer style and how to control it to produce consistently great beer!

Little Creatures, Brewer

ALLISON MACDONALD - Fermentation Management


Topher makes great beer. Actually really great beer! You need to meet him, hear his talk and see why using your own local ingredients including malts, hops local fruit and importantly locally sourced wild yeast plus heaps of hard work and time can produce amazing results! Every beer Topher produces is based on his philosophy of using produce from the region and providing the right environment for Mother Nature to do her thing!  The world of brewing is changing and Topher is at its forefront.

Wildflower Brewing and Blending 

TOPHER BOEHM – Mixed Culture Fermentation


Dr. Evan Evans is one of the worlds busiest beer scientists. Having published over 50 articles in Peer reviewed Journals, countless magazine pieces and several book chapters, he was elected in 2005 to be a “Fellow of the Institute of Beer and Distilling”, an international organisation of brewing industry professionals. His “Grass to Glass” approach has seen many jumps forward in the development of barley varieties and malting techniques on the back of his research.

Presenting two sessions – An in depth look into the parameters of mashing and how we can take control of them to get the best beer possible; and the impact that glassware has on our beer drinking experience.

Tassie Beer Dr Consulting

DR EVAN EVANS - Mashing Parameters

Peter Symons.jpg

Having started Homebrewing in the late 90’s, Peter Symons has become a genuine fixture in the Australian homebrew community as a member of the Extra Special Brewers and a recognised BJCP judge. Arguably his greatest contribution to Australian Beer however, is his amazing work poring through mouldy old books and archives to bring to life almost 200 years’ worth of local brewing history and recipes across 2 amazing books. For the most recent of these, he was granted exclusive access to the Coopers archives to look at the evolution of Australian Sparkling ale through the years, and this is specifically what he will be talking about at this year’s conference.

Brewing History Researcher Extraordinaire!

PETER SYMONS – Sparkling Ale through the years

Soren Eriksen.jpg

From humble Homebrew beginnings in 2005, Soren has built his brewing business though passion and lots of hard work to become  one of Ratebeer.com's  “100 best brewers in the World". 

What looked like an obscure idea to some, has exploded into what 8 Wired believes is the biggest barrel aging programme in the Southern Hemisphere and allows them to invent a glorious spectrum of sour beer flavours. Soren will be taking about how you can start sour beer brewing!

8 Wired

SOREN ERIKSEN- Kettle Souring


Chris White lives in San Diego, Calif., USA, where he serves as President and CEO of White Labs Inc. Chris founded White Labs in 1995 to manufacture yeast cultures and provide fermentation services to the brewing, wine, and distilling industries. Chris has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego and a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of California, Davis. While at Davis, Chris interned at Genentech Inc., the world's first biotechnology company. White is coauthor of Yeast: The Practical Guide To Beer Fermentation, co-designer of BrewMaster: The Craft Beer Game, and has published numerous articles on yeast, beer, and fermentation.

White Labs

CHRIS WHITE: Fermenting Under Pressure


Julian Widera will be our first German brewer at ANHC and we're very excited!

“At a young age of just 19 I moved from my town in Germany to the big the metropolis Berlin where I studied brewing at a vocational school and worked at the same time in the small Eschenbräu craft brewery to become a trained brewer and malster. Wanting to push myself to my limits, I moved to the far end of the world. I arrived in New Zealand only with a suitcase full of German beer and broken English skills. Even before I ran out of beer I managed to find the good job at the Sawmill Brewery. I helped them to set up their new brewing plant and then I travelled through New Zealand, Australia and a few pacific islands until I finally arrived in beautiful Port Campbell where I set up our brewery. Now I am brewing unique beers in the authentic, local and independent Sow and Piglets brewery for everybody who enjoys a good fresh beer made with plenty of love”

Sow and Piglets Brewery

JULIAN WIDERA - Munich Dunkel


Ruth has been home brewing seriously for about five years. In 2017, she got a taste of success when she beat commercial brewers in a competition at Melbourne’s Good Beer Week with a  spiced sour beer, using a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum that you can buy from Chemist Warehouse!

The search for unique beer flavours has inspired Ruth to push the boundaries of brewing. Instead of brewing with a single yeast strain, Ruth uses wild yeast and bacteria to add complexity to the taste.

“I’m interested in using non-traditional micro-organisms, which are often considered spoilage, to see what unique flavour profiles they can create.”

Ruth is an assistant brewer at Boatrocker Brewing Co., which has a barrel ageing program with beers fermented using mixed cultures such as Brettanomyces, and lactic acid bacteria.

Ruth's discussion will start with an overview of yeast husbandry prior to industrialisation, basic history of yeast genetics, and a brief on selecting for desirable traits (phenotypes) for domestication.

Followed by a step-by-step process to capturing local yeasts, and a practical ‘how to’ on the selection and isolation techniques used.

Boatrocker Brewing Co

RUTH BARRY: Collecting and using wild cultures


Having spent his 20s following the grape harvests all over the world, Duncan Gibson is no stranger to working hard for a drink. That work ethic eventually led to him and his friend Sam co-founding one of the most well-loved and successful new breweries in Melbourne, Hop Nation.

Of their impressive range of beers, probably the most instrumental in launching them into the brewing stratosphere is the intensely hoppy “Jedi Juice”. An instant favourite in the local beer community, it was one of the first wave of New England style IPAs to be made commercially in this country, and still stands tall as a benchmark for people looking to try their hand at making an interpretation of the style.

At this year’s conference, Duncan will be talking about NEIPAs, the (short) history of the style, and what goes in to making a good one.

Hop Nation


Wayward_Brewery_27_June_17_236-Edit copy

Tips and pointers from a former home brewer


Peter is the founder of Wayward Brewing Co and will share some wisdom on how he made the leap to pro brewer and some mistakes made along the way. Will include a Q&A session so bring your questions!  Topics covered will include education, site selection, licensing, equipment selection and some business plan tips.

Wayward Brewing Company

PETER PHILIP - So you're thinking of going pro?



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What's the ANHC all About?

Who’s the ANHC for?

The ANHC is for beginner brewers to all grain brewers, sour beer and barrel aged beer geeks, and even non brewers who just want to talk about beer, taste some amazing beers and meet a great bunch of people.

Pretty much everyone who’s into good beer and wants to have a go at making it!


What happens at the Conference?

The Conference is made up of two days of conference sessions plus some really special events!


The conference sessions are interactive, fun and really informative. There’s sessions for beginners right through to quite detailed sessions on how to brew specific beer styles and how to improve your brewing.


The special events include:

Welcoming Function on the Thursday night incorporating the Awarding of winners of the Australian Amateur Brewing Championship. 

The ever popular Beer and Food Pairing Dinner, where award winning brewers provide beer matched to restaurant quality courses made in the William Angliss Restaurant.

The greatest night in Australian homebrewing – Club Night!,  where homebrewing clubs put on their best homebrewed beers for everyone to try, all in a carnival wacky dress up atmosphere!  If you’re not in a home brewing club, its great fun to attend as you’ll get to try so many amazing beers, vote for your favourite beer and of course talk all evening about… making great beer!


What will you do and learn?

  • Learn how to make really good beer

  • Taste some really new beers styles and learn how to make them

  • Challenge your tastebuds with some really good beer matched to great food

  • Hear from some of the best brewers in the world some of whom have travelled a long way just for this event

  • Be surrounded by a great bunch of people who are very keen to share their brewing experiences and help you learn to make great beer too!

  • Have lots of fun!


Who’s presenting?

  • Denny Conn and Drew Beechum are co-hosts of Experimental Homebrewing podcast and they will share their approach to mad science in the pursuit of great beer.

  • Annie Johnson, the first female US Homebrewers Associations' Homebrewer of the Year will provide her angle on brewing lagers;

  • Jay Goodwin from the Rare Barrel brewery and The Sour Hour Podcast will present on Preventing Sour Beer off flavours; 

  • Soren Eriksen from 8 wired will lead a primer on Kettle Souring;

  • Chris White of WhiteLabs Yeasts will outline his research with John Blichmannn on pressure brewing;

  • The renowned Tasmanian academic, Dr Evan Evans will dissertate on mashing parameters;

  • Duncan and Sam from Hop Nation will be sure to start an argument with the style of the moment New England IPA;

  • Topher Boehm from Wildflower will discuss Practical Tips for Mixed Culture Fermentation

  • Peter Symons will examine Sparkling Ale and lead a tasting of a number of examples;

  • Ruth Barry from Boatrocker will present on collecting and using wild cultures from the environment;

  • Julian Widera, a Berlin trained brewer will discuss Munich Dunkel.

  • And for the Homebrewing 101 sessions we’ll have a select team of brewers guiding you right through the brewing process from planning your brew to kegging/bottling and serving.


What’s different at ANHC this year?

This year we have a big emphasis on sour and barrel aged beers.

Sours are one of the styles at the moment. Homebrewers have always been great experimenters and we have had presentations on sour beers going back to Jess Caudill on Berliner Weiss at the first Conference. The range of sub styles is also great and we have something for beginners - “Kettle Souring Primer” and “Practical Tips for Mixed Culture Fermentation” through to experienced brewers dealing with issues such as collecting and using wild cultures, Bottle Conditioning Sour Beer and Preventing Sour Beer Off-Flavours.

We always have a large contingent of Commercial Brewers at the Conference and I’m sure there will be more than usual as a result of the focus on brewing wild beers and the great speakers.

What if Im only just starting out?

Come along anyway! You'll get to meet lots of friendly people to help you get started in making great beer and of course get to taste lots of fantastic beers.