Kris DomagalaChampion Brewer Vicbrew 2016

Kris started making beer at home as a uni student in late ‘90s. After almost a decade of persisting with kits, he progressed to all grain and joined his first club, the Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers, which saw an immediate and rapid uptick in his brewing quality and obsession. With the help of the club’s strong focus on beer education, he became a Certified BJCP judge in 2012, and has been qualifying and judging at the national level ever since.

In 2014, Kris moved to Melbourne and found a new home with the Merri Mashers brewing club. In May 2017 after taking out the Champion Brewer title at the previous Vicbrew state competition, Kris put his programming career on hold to pursue his dream of opening a brewbar. When he’s not working on his business plans, he can be found most weekends learning the ropes behind the bar at Stomping Ground.

Old Gold Chocolate Porter is a personal favourite in Kris’ repertoire. The vision of this beer is “Dark chocolate in a glass”. Strong cocoa aroma, rich and luscious chocolate roast flavour, with a bitter sweet finish and a hint of Jaffa citrus from late US Cascade hops.

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