Less than a month to go!

I just checked the calendar. It’s almost been a year since we broke the worst kept secret in Australian homebrewing history and announced that Vinnie Cilurzo and ANHC Four would be coming to Canberra. Since then we’ve announced a plethora of big names, teed up a stack of great sponsors and prizes, and sold a bunch of tickets (though there’s still a small few left).

Almost a year? That means it’s less than a month until ANHC Four. Damn, yo.

With only a couple mailouts left to go, we’re starting to collate last minute information that you need to know.


A number of you are writing to us requesting details on the finer points of the conference. Do you not like surprises? Weirdos. Anyways, we’ve created a FAQ page to let ya’ll know what’s going on.

Are we missing something? Drop us a line. The FAQ page will be updated leading up to the conference.





Three wise men once told me: “You can't, can't count on a second chance. The second chance will never be found. You can't, can't count on a second try. The second try will never come 'round.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Your second chance is about to run out.

The Gala Dinner has already sold out, as has the Magical Mystery Tour. With waiting lists for both now building up faster than Dubai, ya’ll should get your Conference and Club Night tickets now, before they’re gone for good.


IMGThe Magical Mystery Tour

The Magical Mystery Tour has officially hit capacity. Those who signed up were not charged, but we did let you know there would be a small fee to cover transport and beers.

We can now tell you that the MMT will cost $20 per person, to be paid on boarding the bus. If this great value proposition pushes your ANHC budget over the edge, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we’ll pass your seat onto the waiting list.


IMGBeer is a wholesome liquor…..it abounds with nourishment

Beer may abound with nourishment, but it’s best served with tasty food, and have we got one pant dropping beer and food matching party for you at ANHC Four. We’ve just put the lowdown on the brewers, the beers, and the bites up on our website.

Not only that, but we can also let slip about this year’s dinner entertainment. We’ve ditched the academic lectures on beer history, and we’ve also lost the Weird Alish musicomedy stylings of ElbowSkin. For ANHC Four, we wanted a uniquely Canberran intermezzo:

This year we’ve teamed up with the National Film and Sound Archive, Frontier Services, and the archival team at Carlton United Breweries to present a great range of historical beer films and advertisements between courses. There’s some really fun vintage action going on, including a Chaplinesque beer themed slapstick comedy from the historically significant Corrick Collection. On the more commercial side, we’ve got CUB beer ads so effective, they’ll make you want to match a Fosters with your dessert.

The Gala Awards and Beer Pairing Dinner. Four courses. Seven Beers. Ultimate funs.

IMGSystem Wars

The system wars are now an ANHC tradition. In 2010 we compared HERMS, 3V, and BIAB and determined which basic brewing method reigned supreme. In 2012 we chilled right back and compared immersion, plate, and no chill methods.

Despite the fact that the results of these experiments were checked by the CSIRO and the Australian Electoral Commission, the vessel and chiller debates still rage on today.

Unswayed, we’ve brought the system wars back again for ANHC Four, and this time we’re going to put an issue to sleep with a definitive method that all brewers will follow from October 19th onward…yeh right. Nathan Smith of the Brewing Network, and Richard Watkins of Bentspoke Brewery, along with homebrewers and ANHC organising heroes Mark Bilbrough and Charles Newton will be comparing three very different late hopping methods: whirlpool, hopback, and dry hopping.

Which method will prove the most effective? Only time will tell….OK, Vinnie Cilurzo probably could have told us too, but where would the fun be in that?

With all that in mind, here’s another gem from the ANHC Three Archives: Brendan O'Sullivan - System Wars - The Chiller Strikes Back