This is our frequently asked questions page. There are many like it, but this one is ours. Check back here regularly ahead of the conference as we'll be adding more info as it comes to light.

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Conference Admin

I'm here, but where's the conference?

The conference and Club Night are held at University House, just outside of the CBD on the grounds of the Australian National University.

You can see the conference venue on our Google Map (look for the house icon), or search for it yourself: 1 Balmain Crescent, Acton Australian Capital Territory 2601

Once you get there, University (big school) can be an intimidating place. We've done a detailed map of University House to help you find where to go.

Can I catch public transport to the conference?

You can catch the Museum Bound #7 bus from the City Interchange and get off at Uni house. Timetable here.

Where's the conference program?

It's right here.

Is food and beer provided?

Of course, this is a beer conference - we have wonderful beers from our sponsors for morning & afternoon tea and lunch. Delicious food is being served by Uni House. Just remember to keep everything in moderation, the last thing we want to do is boot folks out for over-indulging at 1030 on the first morning.

Is water available?

Yes. Hydration is the key to a happy conference.

What about softdrinks??

Not really, this is a beer conference. But if you are the DD or on Duty, reach out to one of the volunteers and they'll make sure you are looked after.

When does the conference start and end each day?

On Friday, the conference will kick off at 08:45, and end at 17:00. The Gala Awards Dinner will start an hour later at 18:00

On Saturday, the conference will begin at 09:00 and end at 17:00, leading straight into the BN live broadcast. Club Night will begin at 19:00

Where and when do I get my conference accreditation?

Your conference lanyard can be picked up during the BN party at BentSpoke on Thursday night, or before the conference on Friday morning.

If you are collecting your lanyard on Friday morning, please arrive early - the conference kicks off at 08:45 sharp!

What happens if I lose my accreditation?

Don't. You can't track a medium sized piece of laminated card that's hanging on your neck for two days? If you do get stuck, reach out to one of the volunteers and they'll make sure you are looked after. Please wear your accreditation at all times. It has your map, it has your name, it gives you access to 48 hours of ANHC fun. No accreditation, no access.

Where and when do I pickup my pre-order merchandise?

Pre-order merchandise will be available at the merch desk at the conference during the morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea breaks.

Where can I stay?

You didn't book your hotel yet? Wow. Let's keep Canberra's gutters clean and find you somewhere to stay via our accommodation page.

I broke my tasting glass. Can I have another?

Seriously? Once we've conducted an RSA test, you will have the option to purchase a replacement tasting glass for $5.00, only while stocks last.

Who do I reach out to in case I get lost, scared, or wet?

Anyone in a grey staff t-shirt, or a Canberra Brewer (who will point you to someone on staff).

Should I bring my homebrew to the conference proper?

No. Club Night is your chance to showcase your wonderful Belgian inspired, Sinimar darkened Hoppy Imperial German Pale Alager.

It's Sunday and I am still peaking. Where can I get some dog hair action?

If you're hanging around, there's plenty of places to keep the party going on Sunday:

  • Stock your cellar at Plonk who open up nice and early on Sunday
  • Check out the Transit Bar's Feral tap takeover and enjoy their free pool Sundays
  • Head back to Bentspoke and relive your Thursday night
  • See what the Brewcult tap takeover at the Durham Castle Arms has to offer
  • See the map for more info.

    If you'd prefer something more invigorating and less intoxicating, check out our list of non beer related adventures at the bottom of this page.

The Magical Mystery Tour

When does the Magical Mystery Tour start?

The MMT will kick off after lunch. Lunch will kick off after the AABC judging finishes. Probably around 14:00. If you aren't involved with AABC and have an MMT ticket, let us know and we'll make sure we don't leave you behind.

I've bought an MMT ticket, but I am not involved at the nationals. How can I be sure I am not left behind?

I suggest you make sure you are at Bentspoke by 1pm. If you don't think you'll make it by then, drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can swap contact details and make sure we don't lose you. If you miss us, you may need to get to the first venue on your own - don't worry, it's in central Canberra.

Will the Magical Mystery Tour clash with the BN event on Thursday night?

No. The MMT will end at Bentspoke just before the BN event kicks off.

The Magical Mystery Tour is sold out. Dude. That is not cool.

You should have gotten your act together earlier. That said, we have a waiting list. Drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Gala Awards Dinner

How do I get from the Conference to the Gala Dinner?

Jeez, do you want us to tie your shoes as well? It's actually pretty straightforward.

On our Google Map you can see the Conference Venue at the House icon. The Dinner is just down the road at the National Museum - look for the Knife and Fork icon.

What time does the Gala Dinner start?

Canapes will be served on the balcony from 18:30, and we'll be moving inside to take our seats just before 19:00. The dinner will wrap up around 22:30.

I didn't get a ticket to the gala dinner. What should I do on Friday night?.

There's plenty of things to do in Canberra on a Friday night. Transit Bar are running a Feral tap takeover and the Durham Castle Arms are running a BrewCult tap takeover. Have at it!

Club Night

Where’s Club Night being held?

University House on the campus of the Australian National University (corner of Balmain Cr and Liversidge St). This is the same building as the main conference. If you're still not sure, check out our Google Map (look for the house icon

What time does Club Night start and end?

Doors open at 7.00pm - taps off at 10.30 - punters out at 11pm.

How do I get in?

If you’re attending the conference on the Saturday, come to the merch desk during one of the breaks to collect your wristband.

If you’re only attending Club Night and have pre-purchasd your ticket then it will be available at the door.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?

Sorry, no can do - the event is catered - so you need to have pre-purchased a ticket.

How do I make sure people can sample my beer?.

If your club is having a stand/bar then check the club night web page for details and also make sure to get in touch with your club to see if who is organizing (somebody from your club needs to have registered the intent to have a stand!).

If your club is not having a club stand or you’re not in a club, but you’re bringing beer (other than in a growler or PET bottles etc) and will need some dispensing/storage/cooling – then get in touch with us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see about arrangements for your beer.

What are the drop off/delivery arrangements for club night kegs?

  • Shipping: We’ve set up a Canberra based receiving point for club night kegs. Here’s what you need to do
    1. clearly label your keg in a durable (i.e. liquid-proof) and clear way - “John J. Homebrewer - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mob: 04123 3456. ANHC ClubNight (and club name if applicable).
    2 Ship your keg(s) to the Harmonie German Club. 49 Jerrabomberra Ave Narrabundah ACT 2604 (02) 6295 9853. Attn: ANHC Club Night.
    3. Please ensure your shipment aims to arrive October 8-15th. (The Harmonie German Club is very kindly making its cold room and receiving capacity available to us so we’re trying limit our impact by keeping it to this window of time).
  • Bringing with you: what if you’re not shipping beer and you’ve just buckled your keg into the passenger seat to keep you company on the drive to Canberra? - no worries. Bring your keg to the conference. We’ll have a mobile coolroom setup and you can load it in to chill. We recommend you do that a minimum of 24 hours before Club Night.

In either case, please label your keg in a durable way with your name, club (if applicable) and mobile or other contact information. Orphaned kegs are hard to reunite with their owners without these details.

Remember – either way we need to know about any storage/cooling/gear needs (see “what gear is provided for club night?”)

What gear is provided for club night?

ANHC organizers will provide gas and regulators for dispensing. We ask that you provide the necessary fixtures and any cooling for your beers (quick disconnects, lines, taps, miracle boxes and the like). If you can’t supply any of these get in touch with us asap via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are going to need ice for cooling, then please let us know as well.

We can provide you with a delivery address.

What are the set up and take down arrangements for club night?

Set-up, take down, pick up: Club reps will be able to get into the room for set up about an hour before doors open to the punters.

Your club will need to nominate some volunteers to set up, take tidy downup, and picking up gear the morning after. There is roughly 1 hour to set up, 1/2 hour to take down on the night, and 3 2 hours to pick up the next day (Sunday October 19th 10am-12pm).

How do I make sure my beer is ready for club night voting?

There will be a sign up sheet at the merch desk during both days of the conference. Both individual and club brewed USB's must be registered on the signup sheet before the conference ends at 5pm on Saturday to be eligible for voting.

What else can I do in Canberra?

Where can I get a decent cup of coffee?

Our mates and sponsors at the cupping room have your back.

Every conference ticket holder gets a free coffee, and they sell fantastic breakfast too!

See the map for more info.

What else can I do in Canberra that's beer related?

Transit Bar is running a Feral tap takeover all weekend. Durham Castle Arms is featuring Brewcult.

See the map for more info.

What else can I do in Canberra that's not beer related?

There's plenty around:

  • The National War memorial
  • The Kingston Glass Works and Bus Depot Markest
  • National treasures at the national library
  • Head to the former site of the Wig and Pen and pay your respects
  • Behind the lines political cartoons at old Parliament House
  • The National Dinosaur Museum
  • The Turrell Skyspace at the NGA at sunrise or sunset
  • The beautiful forests in the Brindabellas
  • Walk around the lake
  • Visit the three mountains (Ainsle, Black Mountain, Red Hill)
  • Fyshwick for the adult supermarkets or suppliers of specialist fittings for your brew rigs, depending on who's asking

We also have a great Canberra Guideapp available for both iphone and android