Competitions galore at ANHC Four...

IMGANHC Party Program!

We’ve been dropping speakers like they’re hot since last year, but a lot of you have been emailing us all like ‘what are they talking about?’ and even ‘when are they talking about those things that I asked about in my last email?’. We see your inquisition and pain and raise you one conference program.

There’s still a few more details in the pipeline, but there’s a good preview of the aweseomeness that will be ANHC Four ready for you now.

The fifth ingredient is…coke?

We judged the Fifth Ingredient is YOU competition in late June and enjoyed a number of creative recipes.IMG

John Keske’s wild rice Zizania ESB, and David Colville’s coconut and raspberry Iced Vovo Sweet Stout both took out honourable mentions with their great beers, but it was Brendan O’Sullivan’s Coca-Cola inspired Peach Taste. Uplifting Refreshment that grabbed the judges attention. The Berliner Weisse, which was brewed with phosphoric acid, yellow peaches, peach essence and ex-shiraz-barrel oak, will now be rebrewed in commercial quantities by our sponsors at GoTafe for tasting at the conference and beyond.

Just for entering such an awesome beer, Brendan gets his conference tickets for free. There’s plenty more comps in the pipeline, so put your best beers forward…

Find out more about the winning brewers on our results page.

We need YOU at Club Night

IMGClub Night can’t succeed without you, dear brewers. We need your gear, your beer, and we need you here.

We’ve had a number of club contacts emerge from the beer soaked woodwork already, but if your club is not on the list, you might miss out on honour, glory….and even just the space to serve your beer. Even if you’re you’re not affiliated with a club – if you’re bringing beer – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Full details can be seen on our Club Night page.

Still not convinced that Club Night will be the bestest thing ever? Check out the 2012 Club Night Video for incontrovertible proof!

Club Night Competition – The Ultimate Session BeerIMG

Now that you’ve got your tickets sorted and are all schooled up on Club Night, we’ve got a great incentive for clubs to come together and brew something special – the Ultimate Session Beer. There’s a two tap miracle box up for grabs to the best beer on the night. For all the specific details, see our USB page.

If you’re coming as an individual, don’t worry – there’s still prizes for best individual beer on the night!

Sponsor Spotlight

One of the most exciting aspects of the conference for the Canberra Team is a raft of new sponsors who are keen to share their new products and innovations with the homebrewing community.  Our sponsors help to make the ANHC affordable and accessible.  This newsletter, we wanted to highlight two products making their way across from New Zealand to ANHC.  Be sure to let The Grainfather, Mangrove Jack's and Our Sponsors know you appreciate their support - even if it is just to drop them a note to say thanks. A big shout out to Core Brewing Concepts, Speidel, iBrew, Plonk, Scratch Bar, Brown Trout Publishers, Blichmann Engineering,Calibre Craft Beer, BYO Magazine, Durham Castle Arms, Transit Bar, and Frontier Services. Making their way across the Tasman are two of our new sponsors: The Grainfather and Mangrove Jacks.

The Grainfather is a 30L capacity, all in one system, designed to brew beer from grain. It is built from high grade 304  stainless steel with some exciting features including temperature control, expandable mash basket to accommodate a huge variety grain bills like no other, a counter flow wort chiller and a magnetic drive pump. All parts are easily detachable making cleaning or upgrading parts simple. Launching in Australia in November 2014, The Grainfather will be the affordable all grain brewing system everyone has been waiting for.  See to find out more

Mangrove Jack’s range of dried pure yeast strains have been developed after years of extensive brewing trials and rigorous screening and testing. These yeasts have been propagated and dried using state of the art manufacturing facilities to ensure optimum sterility, superior shelf stability and ease of use. The nine available yeasts in the range give the brewer the ability to create a whole range of different craft beer styles which previously required liquid yeast.  See to find out more