John Keeling

When John left school without telling his mother, she forced him to take a job as a lab technician at Wilsons, the local brewer in Droylesden, Manchester – starting an incredible chain of events. The job at Wilsons opened John’s eyes and he decided that brewing was the career for him, so in 1977 he left Wilson’s and headed to Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh to take a BSc in Brewing.

On leaving Heriot-Watt, he joined Fuller’s as a junior brewer in 1981 and progressed through the ranks under the watchful eye of Head Brewer, Reg Drury. On Reg’s retirement in 1999, John became the Brewing Director/Head Brewer. John has received world-wide acclaim for his brewing achievements and is often asked to judge beer competitions across the globe. He was heavily involved in the development of Fuller’s Vintage Ale, and was responsible for the development of Discovery Blonde Beer. In 2006, he was awarded the title of Brewer of the Year by the British Guild of Beer Writers.

John has recently been described by one member of the Fuller’s Fine Ale Club – a group of some 13,000 Fuller’s fans – as the Winston Churchill of brewing. Fuller’s has won five CAMRA Overall Champion Beer of Britain’s during his tenure at Fuller’s. He believes that brewing great beer needs real pride and passion, and that pride and passion will be up front and centre when he delivers his two great ANHC talks:

Let’s get this Parti started right – Traditional Parti-Gyle Brewing

Fuller’s in the UK is one of the few breweries to still use this traditional brewing technique.  John Keeling, the head brewer at Fuller’s, will expound on the history of parti-gyle brewing, how and why it’s still used at Fuller’s, and how we can incorporate it at home.

We’re going to brew like its 1899 – Historical Fuller’s Recipes

Founded in 1845, Fuller’s Brewery logs provide a unique insight into the evolution of the brewing industry over the past 170 years, the character of ingredients and the taste preferences of the brewing public in the UK.  John Keeling, Fuller’s Head Brewer, will lead us on a trip back in time to what beer was like in Victorian England, and how those recipes have influenced the recent Fuller’s Past Masters series of beers.