Club night competition - Ultimate Session Beer

USB - Ultimate Session Beer

The Club Night Club Brew is back for 2014! Every year we get brew clubs from around the country to get together and brew a beer to theme - these year it's USB - the Ultimate Session Beer!

  • Rules:
    • Entry is open to all brewing clubs who register with the conference.
    • One entry per club – brew this as a club.
    • The final beer must be less than 4.5% ABV.
    • Voting will be by people’s choice on club night.
    • Each person at club night will have one vote.
  • Prize:
    • Apart from the kudos, acclaim, and glory that the winning club will have shone upon them from on high, we’ll also be giving away a sweet prize for the whole club to share.
  • FAQs:
    • Why is entry only open to clubs? That’s not fair!
      • Dude. Why aren’t you in a club? They’re the best! We recognise that not everyone has the time, geography or social skills to join a brewing club, that’s why every individual beer brought to club night will be up for prizes of their own. This one is specifically for clubs, though.
    • Why 4.5%? Why not IBU limits or style guidelines?
    • How do we brew this ‘as a club’?
      • That’s really up to you. For your recipe, you may like to try:
        • Brainstorm ideas at your next club meet.
        • Have a recipe vote.
        • An ingredients lucky dip.
      • For the brewing:
        • Run a big brew day where multiple rigs all contribute to the same batch.
        • Have multiple members brew the recipe and then vote on which was best.
        • It’s your choice, but get collaborative.